Getting certified by AISC is important because
it is required by many projects around the
world. As the
requirement spreads around, it becomes even
more important, even just to remain
competitive in your own market.
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Available AISC Certifications

    Standard for Structural Steel Erectors

    Standard for Steel Building Structures

    Standard for Steel Bridges

    Standard for Bridge and Highway Metal
    Component Manufacturers

    Standard for shop Application of Complex
    Protective Coating Systems

    Fabricators of Hydraulic Steel Structures
The Bar Has Risen!
As with any good standard, it raises the bar
for many firms. Raising the bar means more
work for everyone involved. So now it is time
to accomplish the project with as much
efficiency as possible. To do this, you will
want to go to the best source of information,
customer service and knowledge available.
Now raise the bar, get the contracts, make the
AISC Certification Training