Qualifications for AISC
Certification Training
He has certified the final results of over
1000 on site audits and reviewed and
assisted in the revision of over 290 quality
manuals for companies new to the
+1 ( 3 1 2 )  2 3 9 - 0 4 3 0
Provided service & certification
training to over 195 fabricators
and erectors in 40 states, the
District of Columbia, Puerto
Rico and Canada.
Former Manager of
Operations and the Assoc.
Lead Auditor of QMC for the
American Institute of Steel
Construction's Fabricator and
Erector Quality Certification
As late as November 2004, AISC attempted to contract
with him to produce technical documents to be used in
the training of the on site auditors.
All of this makes
Andrew Porreco the
best consultant to
administer the
training you need.
Andrew has been educating fabricators and erectors
since 2002, when AISC contracted with him as a
technical expert to review documents such as your quality
manual and onsite audit report.
He has an intricate Knowledge of all AISC requirements,
quirks and personalities.
For over 22 years, Andrew has been writing and reviewing technical documents such as ASTM, ISO, OSHA & ASIC procedures and has worked in commercial construction & quality management in multiple industries.
During his time at AISC, he reviewed and
revised documents such as audit
checklists, draft audit policies and the
documentation audit evidence list.
He has participated and conducted on site
audits at major fabricators in the United
States and audited foreign companies.
AISC certification expert,
Andrew Porreco is a
graduate of the Colorado
School of Mines with a
Bachelors Degree in
Metallurgical and
Materials Engineering.